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Top 25 Changes in the 2020 National Electrical Code

Mike Holt | November 1, 2019
It’s that time again… the time we all know so well every three years when electrical professionals everywhere usher in a new Code change cycle. Whether they face these revisions with great anticipation, overwhelming excitement, or even a little bit of reluctance or anxiety varies. But one thing is certain: The changes to the latest edition of the National Electrical Code® (NEC) matter. Since the NEC continues to be the most important topic to EC&M readers, we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve teamed up with longstanding NEC Consultant Mike Holt once again to bring you the key changes made during the latest Code cycle. In order to make these comprehensive changes more manageable and easier to digest, we’ve created this gallery, which summarizes the most important revisions to the 2020 NEC that affect the largest number of our readers.

Scroll through the photo gallery for short summaries of each change, and keep an eye out for Mike Holt’s full comprehensive Top 25 2020 Code Change special report, coming soon in the November 2019 print issue and online.

Editor’s Note: The information presented in this gallery is based on Mike Holt’s full 2020 National Electrical Code Changes article, which ran in the November 2019 print issue. (Link will take you to the ECMWEB site)